ThermoWhite is seamless heat and sound insulating and level compensating material. Polystyrene that is suitable for recycling is milled and then mixed with a special, mineral-based ThermoWhite compound to form top quality insulation material.

The company’s fundamental aim is to produce a material oriented towards the practical needs of the building industry, which can be used for applications such as floor, attic, and flat roof insulation. In addition to the outstanding characteristics provided by seamless heat insulation, ThermoWhite also offers improvements with regard to impact noise.

Why choose ThermoWhite?

  • 20 years experience
  • Excellent feedbacks from customers
  • Sound and cold bridges are prevented by means of seamless laying
  • Outstanding heat insulation
  • Thanks to seamless laying - cost and time effectiveness
  • Optimal noise impact insulation - reduction up to 23 dB
  • In combination with ThermoWhite PE 5/300 - reduction up to 32 dB
  • Environment-friendly
  • No material waste
  • Excellent level equalization characteristics
  • High dimensional stability
  • Thick layers and slopes possible
  • Low area weight
Thermowhite sertifikト》i

ThermoWhite Application

Among its many uses, for many years ThermoWhite has been employed successfully as flooring, attic and flat roof insulation.
ThermoWhite can also serve as an excellent pool or vaulting backfill. As a result of the minimal percentage of mixing water, ThermoWhite can be safely used in connection with wood ceilings and its low weight is more than welcome to statics engineers.

ThermoWhite certification

ThermoWhite is certified and approved for EU construction standards. In addition thermal audits and acoustic measurements are made constantly.

Quality approvals

  • European Technical Approval ETA-12/0428
  • Confirmation of conformity ON-N 2011 174
  • Confirmation of conformity ON-N 2011 175
  • BVFS Approvals 760 & 774
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ThermoWhite comparing to other insulation materials

As a rule, the installation of utility systems in the unfinished floor is preferred. Electrical and water installations and controlled room ventilation systems are all to be found in this construction. This makes the proper laying of insulation sheet virtually impossible and their cutting automatically results in cold and noise bridges.


  • High heat insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Sound insulation
  • Seamless
  • Without heat loss
  • Properly covers pipes and cables
  • Without waste
  • Level compensating
  • Slopes possible

Other materials

ThermoWhite is better than stone wool
  • High heat insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Sound insulation
  • With joints
  • Heat loss
  • No pipes and cables covering
  • Average 5% waste
  • No level compensating
  • No slopes possible
ThermoWhite is better than Ceramsite
  • Low heat insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Sound insulation
  • Seamless
  • Heat loss
  • Partly covers pipes and cables covering
  • Without waste
  • Partly level compensating
  • No slopes possible
  1. Stone wool, Polysterene
  2. Ceramsite

Cenu kalkulators

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